Collecting Vintage Signs

Vintage signs have been a collector's item for decades, and there is still a market for them today. Collectors show interest in signs made from many different materials such as tin, porcelain, and wood. The types of signs can range from street signs to early advertisements. Before the radio and television, signs were the only way to advertise products and services. Many collectors choose their signs according to a theme. They may choose signs from a certain era, or they may like signs from a favorite brand. There are no rules to collecting vintage signs and the possibilities are endless.

The beginning collector may not know where to start looking for signs. A great starting point is to shop locally. Antique shops usually have many signs to choose from. Antique shops are a great resource for all kinds of relics from the past. A place some might not consider visiting for vintage signs is the pawn shop. Pawn shops usually have an eclectic mix of items and you never know what you might find. One of the most fun and unpredictable local places to check out is the yard sale. People are constantly selling unique items at yard and garage sales. The fast-paced environment of a local auction is exhilarating and a great place to search for vintage signs. Auction prices are unpredictable but usually fall below retail, which is good for the wallet.

The internet can also serve as a valuable source for the vintage sign collector. Auction sites are full of new and old items alike. Bidding against others for an item can be a fun and exciting experience. Sellers add new merchandise to auction sites daily. Sometimes signs can be found at low prices, and other times they may be expensive.

When choosing signs, it is easy to buy according to a theme. A collection of vintage signs with a certain style will have greater impact than a group of random, unorganized signs. Signs can be gathered from a certain era like the 1940's or 1950's. A collection can also be focused around a particular industry such as vintage beer or gasoline signs. Favorite brands such as a soda or food are also popular collection themes.

There are many places to discover vintage signs; some may be right in the neighborhood. With a little time and effort, vintage sign collection can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Whether a theme is chosen, or an eclectic mix of unrelated signs, they are beautiful pieces of decor that everyone can enjoy.